laptop and computer repair service - New Albany, IN


We'll remove viruses and spyware from your computer and usually have it back to you the next-day. It will be running faster and safer and all of your programs, documents, pictures and music will still be there.

Say goodbye
to slow!

Keep your machine running at top performance and make sure you're safe from the latest online threats with a regular tune-up service.


Quick, easy and convenient support for small problems that
don't require you to unhook your machine and bring it on.

Some problems can be solved within an hour for about $20 -
all without leaving home!


It's like getting a new computer with all of your stuff on it. Installing a fresh copy of Windows also referred as wipe-and-restore will take your computer back to like-new condition - performing at peak performance and ultimate security while also removing all viruses and spyware from your machine.


Restore your computer to optimal performance and security. We'll remove viruses and spyware, blocking pop-ups and optimizing your Internet connection giving your computer a clean bill of health. We’ll even install antivirus and spyware software when necessary free-of-charge to help keep your computer safe and fast. We perform over fifty comprehensive tests and configurations. We spend hours going over your computer making sure it has a clean bill of health.

power jack repair

Does your laptop no longer turn on? Or, do you have to wiggle the power cord to get it to charge? That's a damaged DC Jack and we repair those too!

screen repair

If your laptop has a broken or cracked screen then it will likely cost less to repair the screen than replace the laptop.


Let us backup your entire system so everything can be quickly and easily restored when necessary. We make an exact of your entire system including Windows, installed programs, data, pictures and music — everything. We can also move all your data from one computer to another!


Some computer problems can be solved online, literally in a matter of minutes, for far less than a in-home visit. Within seconds we’re both working on your computer - we see what you see and we can even talk you through what we’re doing while we correct the problems you’re having. From anything as simple as setting up your email to updating your Windows software or running your virus or spyware software. A few dollars, a few minutes—and the problem is solved. All without leaving your home.

About us is passionate about computers - and we should be - we’ve been in the business since 1992. offers solutions for all your laptop and PC problems. From routine maintenance to failed hardware. is available on-line and offers in-home service. Or, drop your computer off — get on with your life — and we’ll take care of the rest. Pick-Up and delivery service is also available. Reliable, friendly, insightful technical support and important preventive maintenance. Our friendly and affordable services are available to everyone.

We take care of your computer like it was one of our own.

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